Ruby Sunday


Yasmin Belinda
Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday



Ruby Sunday



Place of Origin:


First Mentioned:

First Day of the Doctor

First Seen In:

The Church on Ruby Road

Other Appearances:

Space Babies
The Devil’s Chord
73 Yards
Dot and Bubble
The Legend of Ruby Sunday
Empire of Death

Main Actor:

Millie Gibson


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Abandoned as a baby by her mother, Ruby Sunday was soon adopted by Carla and raised alongside other children she fostered, developing a protective personality and changing the lives of Carla and Cherry — her grandmother — for the better. Upon her nineteenth birthday, she and the Fifteenth Doctor defeated the Goblin King and his goblins, preventing them from abducting and eating any more babies. She then joined the Fifteenth Doctor in the TARDIS, becoming his companion.


Ruby was born approximately at 2PM on Christmas Eve 2004. Within the next few hours, her mother travelled to the church on Ruby Road, abandoning her outside the snowy building. The Fifteenth Doctor then arrived in his TARDIS, having travelled back from exactly nineteen years in the future to negate a cracked timeline where the Goblins stole Ruby before Carla could find her, and ate her. The Fifteenth Doctor was successful, and left baby Ruby to be found by Carla, restoring the original timeline. Carla then named baby Ruby after the road the church was located on. (The Church on Ruby Road)


In 2023, her foster mother got a new foster baby. While her foster mother was out and she was left to look after her Some goblins capture the baby. Ruby climbs out of a window and stands on the roof of her house. She grabs a ladder floating in midair, as it drifts away from the house. The Doctor bounds over rooftops and chats to her. Then, he leaps and grabs the ladder, joining her. (The Church on Ruby Road)

LEGACY After their first adventure together, the Fifteenth Doctor mentioned Ruby in his diary, writing about his first adventures. (First Day of the Doctor) The Doctor, early on, reflected on all the new things in his life, including his “new friends”. (Heroes of Time)



Ruby was protective of the children Carla fostered, acting as a supportive sibling figure. She instinctually sought to protect Lulubelle after the goblins kidnapped her, even when faced with precarious and life-threatening obstacles. She was also comfortable with her abandonment, embracing the term “foundling” upon Davina McCall’s usage of the term. However, she did seek out her biological mother, if only to understand the truth behind it all. However, when Davina’s search for Ruby’s family was in vain, Ruby expressed disappointment in having no other relatives. (The Church on Ruby Road)

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