Ruby Sunday’s mother



Ruby Sunday’s mother


Ruby Sunday


The Church on Ruby Road
The Legend of Ruby Sunday


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A woman of unknown origin and identity abandoned her daughter after giving birth to her at approximately 2PM, leaving her baby on the doorstep of the church at Ruby Road on Christmas Eve 2004, slipping away into the night, while the Fifteenth Doctor stopped the Goblin King and his goblins from altering time and eating the baby before she could grow up to become Ruby Sunday. He saw the woman walking away from the church, but decided against confronting her.


As she grew up, Ruby Sunday came to terms with her abandonment, but still sought the truth behind her parents’ actions.

On 1 December 2023, Davina McCall hosted Ruby on her programme that attempted to find the families of “foundlings” so Ruby could finally find out about her parentage, but no trace of her mother’s DNA could be found on the databases they searched. (The Church on Ruby Road)

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