Roslyn ‘Roz’ Forrester



Roslyn ‘Roz’ Forrester

Place of Origin:



Leabie Forrester

First Seen In:

Original Sin


Sky Pirates!
Toy Soldiers
Head Games
The Also People
Just War
Death and Diplomacy
Happy Endings
Christmas on a Rational Planet
Return of the Living Dad
The Death of Art
Damaged Goods
So Vile a Sin
Mean Streets
Cold Fusion
The Two Jasons
Dependence Day (in Decalog 4: Re:Generations)
The Nuclear Option (in Short Trips: 2040)
Anteus (in Short Trips: 2040)
Damaged Goods
Original Sin
Cold Fusion
The Trial of a Time Machine
The Jabari Countdown
The Dread of Night

Main Voice Actor:

Yasmin Bannerman


An Adjudacator – a sort of futuristic policeman – from the 30th century, Roz remains a rarity in The Doctor’s history as one of only two black companions along with Anji, not meaning to be racist. Roz and her partner, Chris Cwej, were investigating apparently motiveless murders, with their apparently prime suspects being The Doctor and his companion Benny, according to mind probing of a murderer’s mind. However, after finding The Doctor and Benny, it turned out that The Doctor’s voice was actually the voice of another Doctor. The murderers were all being committed by people who had followed the newest craze – ‘body-bepping’, where a body was genetically altered, and their minds were then controlled. The entire thing was masterminded by the Second Doctor’s old enemy Tobias Vaughan, whose mind had been transferred into a robot’s body after the Cybermen betrayed him, and ever since, he had been utterly, utterly angry at all aliens. However, The Doctor stopped Vaughan by trapping him in the TARDIS and destroying his body, since Vaughan couldn’t reach another body in the TARDIS. However, by now Roz and Chris had been branded as rouge Adjudicators, so had to travel with The Doctor to stay safe.

Roz was highly cynical and also xenophobic, mainly because of her former partner Martle’s death at the hands of an alien, and also no-nonsense, bold and strong, and didn’t take crap from anyone. She and Chris held a very special bond, occasionally bordering on romantic but non-sexual (though the latter was not necessarily by their own choice). Roz became The Doctor’s protector and guardian on occasion, but was caught by her own human frailties as she realised that she sometimes wasn’t as strong as she thought she was – on her first adventure in the TARDIS, (Sky Pirates!) she and Chris were captured and forced to work as slaves on a planet known only as Planet X, in a pocket dimension that obeyed a different set of physical laws, and it took her until her third adventure with The Doctor (Zampar) to fully adapt to her new life as a time traveller.

However, Roz should not be thought to be unable to cope with her new life. In ‘Head Games’, she managed to save The Doctor, Benny, and the Doctor’s old companion Mel from The Doctor’s fictional counterpart, Dr. Who, and Dr. Who’s companion Jason, all on her own, even though she failed to permanently defeat them. She has also managed to hold her own against the Sontarans and the Rutans at the same time in ‘Shakedown’. and destroyed, all by herself, a stealth bomber that could have helped the Nazis win World War Two in ‘Just War’. She has still retained her policeman side, as best shown in ‘Happy Endings’ when she investigated the presence of the illegal chemical Bloom at Benny’s wedding with Sherlock Holmes, Chris having been hypnotised by The Master to ignore the odd events. However, Roz still has a slightly vicious streak, once almost killing a man whom she believed to be Abraham Lincoln’s father, hoping that by killing him she’d cause a temporal paradox to let The Doctor know where she was. (Christmas on a Rational Planet) The Doctor stopped her, but he was still angry with Roz for almost killing an innocent man.

Shortly after this, Roz had one of her most interesting adventures – an adventure where she met another Doctor. The Seventh Doctor’s TARDIS materialised on another planet only a short While before the Fifth Doctor’s did as well, resulting in a rather tangled battle. Anearly Gallifreyian time travel capsule, referred to throughout as simply ‘the Machine, ‘ had been found by a human named Whitfield, whose use of it caused a breakthrough into an alternate Universe where Gallifrey was destroyed millions of years ago, and the Time Lords were wielders of magic known as the Ferutu. The Seventh Doctor had arrived on the ice planet where the Ferutu had arrived, and while Chris attempted to meet the resistance leader, Adam, Roz and the Doctor tried to hold back Medford, an agent of an organisation known as UNITatus, a descendant organisation of UNIT, believing that The Doctor was the scout for an alien invasion of the Earth Empire. When the Fifth Doctor showed up, he met the newly regenerated pilot of the Machine, a Gallifreyian whom Tegan Jovanka nicknamed ‘Patience’, the last of the womb-born on Gallifrey, following the Pythia’s Curse. Eventually, the Fifth Doctor and Patience managed to launch the Machine away, but Medford killed Patience by destroying the back of her brain, and would have done the same for the Fifth Doctor if the Seventh Doctor, Roz and Adric hadn’t distracted Medford long enough for the Fifth to take him out. The Seventh Doctor then tricked the Ferutu into destroying their entire history, and the few left were permanently trapped in a chalk circle. As the two Doctors left, the Fifth was left appalled at his glimpse of his future self, someone capable of callously tricking the Ferutu into destroying their entire Universe.

Roz’s final adventure was back in around her home time, at a point when her family were high-up in society and very respected. The situation didn’t seem too difficult at first – just something found that shouldn’t have been found. However, Roz was warned by an alternate version of the Third Doctor, who never left Earth after his exile ended, that the situation had gotten out of handat this point a student was transformed into a possible Doctor due to a reality explosion caused by the destruction of an ancient TARDIS. Meanwhile, any people with psychic powers were being turned into monsters by the Duke Armand, attempting to take over the throne of the planet Iphigenia with the aid of an organisation known as the Brotherhood, one member being The Doctor’s new alternate self. The double died since that Doctor didn’t exist in this Universe, but did manage to warn The Doctor of the Brotherhood’s plans before he died. The Brotherhood intended to alter reality and give every human in the Universe psychic powers, but there were so many possible alternates that they needed The Doctor’s help to control them all. However, The Doctor was saved by a psychic version of Chris, but Roz then got involved in a fight to avenge the death of one of her cousins. Meanwhile Chris and an alternate Doctor hid the real one and attacked the Grandmaster – a force that believed human psis could only protect themselves in numbers, and wanted to make the entire human race psychic. However, the alternate Doctor then triggered a mass of reality explosions, causing all the Grandmaster’s bodies to die. However, Roz was participating in an attack on a heavily defended dome at the time, and, before The Doctor could save her, she was killed in the attack. The Doctor almost broke down after he had a heart attack at Roz’s funeral and had a vision of Death, but he eventually realised that, despite his best efforts, Roz wrote the last chapterof her life by herself, and now it’s up to him to decide what will happen next to him.

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