Rosa Parks



Rosa Parks





Affiliated with:

Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King

Place of origin:



Rosa Parks’ grandmother


Rosa Parks’ mother


Raymond Parks


Main TV actor:

Vinette Robinson




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Rosa Parks was a seamstress from Montgomery, Alabama, in the United States. On 1 December¬†1955, she staged a protest on a segregated bus, by refusing to relinquish her seat to Graham O’Brien, a white passenger.

This protest resulted in her arrest but led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, beginning on 5 December, and, ultimately, to a wider Civil Rights Movement, led by Martin Luther King.   (Rosa)

In June 1999, Parks was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for her services to the advancement of black people’s rights in America. According to the Thirteenth Doctor, this recognised her as a “living icon for freedom”. (Rosa)

Parks’ contribution to civil rights would be remembered well into the future. By the 21st century, Redlands Primary had a class named after Parks among other “inspiring people”, and Grace O’Brien owned a T-shirt that said “The Spirit of Rosa”. By the 79th century, her contribution to racial equality was still remembered, and so great that the racist criminal Krasko attempted to alter history to prevent Parks’s legacy from coming to fruition.

At some point, Asteroid 284996 was named Rosaparks in her honour. (Rosa)

  • Rosa Parks is the first Doctor Who historical figure whose lifespan covers part of the revived series. She died in October 2005, several months after the broadcast of Series 1.
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