Diamond hummingbird
chromatic lizard


The Friendly Place


Rokhandi was a paradise planet that was initially kept in its natural form by the local government, but after a shift in governmental control, SERVEYOUinc was given free reign over the planet. They built the Rokhandi World theme park and filled the remainderof the planet with toxic waste mines.

In its natural form Rokhandi had forests of light, singing canyons, diamond hummingbirds, jewelled mountains, and chromatic lizards that tasted like candy. Access to the planet was so exclusive The Doctor had to save the planet from the Amstrons of the Great Wheel twice in order to obtain a landing permit. The Eleventh Doctor referred to it as “the most perfect planet in the universe…protected by a whole solar system as their greatest living treasure.”

A decade after the Eleventh Doctor prevented the ARC experiment, he returned to the planet to find the planet in disrepair: the natural landscape had been destroyed to create buildings and artificial structures and the chromatic lizards were contained in a battery farm and flash-boiled into treats for the theme park. After defeating a piece of the Entity that had been hidden in Rokhandi World, workers began striking and a revolution began to rage against the government. (The Friendly Place)

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