Roger ap Gwilliam



Roger ap Gwilliam

Main Aliases:

Mad Jack


Prime minister


73 Yards

Main Actor:

Aneurin Barnard


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Roger ap Gwilliam was a British politician during the mid 21st century.


Roger ap Gwilliam was born in Wales some time in the early 21st century. During his youth he worked various jobs and was known as a “jack of all trades”, leading some to nickname him “Mad Jack”.

He became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the year 2046, as head of the Albion Party. His goal was to have the United Kingdom withdraw from NATO and gain access to nuclear missiles by buying Pakistan’s entire arsenal, therefore leading the UK to be a global threat. The Fifteenth Doctor considered him to be the most dangerous Prime Minister in history, as well as a “bad example of the Welsh” and “terrifying”. (73 Yards)


In an alternate timeline, he still became Prime Minister with a landslide of 96 seats, having campaigned on a policy of reducing the cost of living and having a tougher foreign policy through nuclear weapons. After promoting his viewpoints on the late night news show Hotline, he approached one of his volunteers, Ruby Sunday, and used her to learn about Marti Bridges, a member of his rival Danny’s team. He approached Marti and befriended her. On the day of his election victory, he celebrated though Marti remarked that he was really a “monster”. A short while later, he prepared a big announcement to the nation at Cardiff City football stadium. He planned a party and invited Marti to join him for it. The announcement was to be his revealing of gaining access to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. However, he was stopped by Ruby’s future self, who made him flee from the stadium and resign as the Prime Minister later that day. When asked why he resigned, all he said was: “Ask her.” He was succeeded as Prime Minister by Iris Cabriola. (73 Yards)

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