Robot DVDRobot DVD

Number of DVDs: 1
DVD Number: BBCDVD2332
Certification: U
Duration: 98 minutes


Mortally weakened by the Spider Queen on Metebilis 3, The Doctor is forced to regenerate. His recuperatedition is cut short as UNIT investigate a spate of robberies involving components for a top-secret disintegrator gun. The culprit is quickly identified as a highly sophisticated robot built by Professor Kettlewell, which is being ordered to act against its Prime Directive.

Just how is the robot being used to carry out the sinister agenda of the Scientific Reform Society? And can The Doctor rescue Sarah from the robot’s clutches and avert a nuclear war?

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Special Features

  • Commentary by Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Terrance Dicks and producer Barry Letts
  • ‘Are Friends Electric?’A full-length documentary covering Tom Baker’s debut
  • ‘The Tunnel Effect’A fourteen-minute featurette in which Bernard Lodge talks about creating the opening”never-ending tunnel” sequence for Tom Baker’s era
  • Episode of Blue Peter broadcast from the Robot set
  • Photo Gallery
  • Production Notes
  • Radio Times Listings in pdf format

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