The Giant Robot


Doctor Who and the Giant RobotDoctor Who and the Giant Robot
Doctor Who and the Giant RobotDoctor Who and the Giant Robot


Pages 124
ISBN 0-426-10858-2
Publication Date 13 March 1975


`Look, Brigadier! It’ growing!’ screamed Sarah.

The Brigadier stared in amazement as the Robot began to grow … and grow … swelling to the size of a giant!

Slowly the metal colossus, casting its enormous shadow upon the surrounding trees and buildings, began to stride towards the Brigadier. A giant metal hand reached down to grasp him … Can DOCTOR WHO defeat the evil forces controlling the Robot before they execute their plans to blackmail – or destroy – the world? 



  1. Killer in the Night
  2. Something More than Human
  3. Trouble at Thinktank
  4. Robot!
  5. The Killer Strikes Again
  6. Trapped by the Robot
  7. The World in Danger
  8. In the Hands of the Enemy
  9. The Battle at the Bunker
  10. The Countdown Begins
  11. The Kidnapping of Sarah
  12. The Giant Terror


  • When the Third Doctor regenerates, he is described as writhing and twisting in agony.
  • The Fourth Doctor spends several days in sick bay, rather than a few minutes.
  • In the televised story, Harry drives Bessie towards the Robot so The Doctor can pour the metal virus on it. In the novelisation, he drives the Brigadier’s Land Rover to do it instead.

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