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Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Nicola Walker (Liv Chenka), Toby Hadoke (Farel), William Hazell (Bas Pellico), Nicholas Pegg (Selerat), Dan Starkey (Cravnet), Matt Addis (Tal Karus), John Dorney (Leebar/Computer Voice)


Nothing has ever been officially confirmed, but there is a rumour that on a Sandminer bound for Kaldor City, the robots somehow turned homicidal and nearly wiped out the entire crew. Can that really be true?

The robot transport ship Lorelei has a cargo of over a hundred fifty-seven thousand robots on board, all deactivated. So even if there were any truth in the rumourof that massacre, there’d still be no danger. Surely, there wouldn’t…

But then, The Doctor witnesses a murder.


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  • Robophobia was the one hundred and forty-ninth monthly Doctor Who audio release produced by Big Finish Productions. Released in July 2011, it featured the Seventh Doctor played by Sylvester McCoy without any companions
  • Writer/producer Nicholas Briggs suggests in the CD extras accompanying this story’s release that this story is set a couple of months after The Robots of Death. If this comment is taken into account it creates something of a continuity clash with Kaldor City, which is set 10 years after The Robots of Death.
  • The Kaldor City Company has covered up the recent massacre on the Storm Mine 4. (The Robots of Death) It isn’t explicitly stated when the events of Robophobia take place in relation to The Robots of Death.
  • The Doctor uses his respiratory bypass system. (Pyramids of Mars)

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