Road To the Thirteenth Doctor

Road To the Thirteenth Doctor
Road To the Thirteenth Doctor


Join the road to the Thirteenth Doctor with this essential comics collection, featuring three standalone tales of the Tenth, Eleventh and the Twelfth Doctors, and a tantalising prologue to the Thirteenth Doctor’s All New Comics Adventures!

The Tenth Doctor, Gabby, and Cindy have their work cut out for them when they encounter a lost spaceship… whose crew is being absorbed by mysterious, ghostly creatures! But everything is not as it seems, especially when disturbing facts about the crew come to light!

The Eleventh Doctor and Alice visit 19th Century San Francisco, but there’s just one problem – it’s full of robots! Do the automata come in peace, or does their displacement in time signal something sinister?

The Twelfth Doctor and Bill find London’s Piccadilly Circus transformed into an empty wasteland… Of pteradactyls!

And on the Road to the Thirteenth Doctor, written and drawn by the creative team of the all-new ongoing Thirteenth Doctor series, meet a brand new character who has been drawn toincarnations of the Doctor all throughout history – but will they be friend or foe?!


The miniseries was launched on 11 July 2018, leading up to the launch of Doctor Who: the Thirteenth Doctor.

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