Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Halloween Apocalypse


War of the Sontarans

Main TV Actor:

Jonathan Watson


Ritskaw was a Sontaran Commander. He was an “old friend” of Psychic Surveyor Kragar.

After finishing his investigation of the Flux, Kragar called Ritskaw on his ship. Ritskaw was excited by the news of a greater cataclysm than had ever been known, deciding to use the opportunity to strike other species while they were at their weakest; he soon ordered an attack just as Earth was bearing the brunt of the Flux cloud. (The Halloween Apocalypse)

He commanded the invasion of Earth in 2021, from their base in Liverpool, building time ships to travel back and conquer specific moments in Earth’s history, erasing the history of humanity and turn Earth into an outpost for the Sontaran Empire. Dan Lewis snuck aboard the command ship, where he made contact with the Thirteenth Doctor and Mary Seacole in 1855, when Ritskaw intercepted their transmission and captured Dan. He was about to execute Dan for spying, before Karvanista appeared and shot Ritskaw and his soldiers. Ritskaw was last heard on the Sontarans’ comms, before the command ship, flown by a fleeing Dan and Karvanista, flew straight into the other time ships, causing a temporal explosion that wiped out any existence of the Sontarans from the Earth. (War of the Sontarans)


In the credits for The Halloween Apocalypse, this character’s name was spelled as “Ritskaw”. In the following episode, War of the Sontarans, in which the character features more prominently, he is miscredited in the credits and on the BBC iPlayer subtitles at the 52 minute mark as “Riskaw”, despite being named onscreen in the episode itself as “Ritskaw”.

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