Rita Connolly



Rita Connolly



Place of Origin:



The Idiot’s Lantern

Main Actor:

Debra Gillett


Rita Connolly was the downtrodden wife of the bullying Eddie Connolly, who insisted that Rita prepared for a party to celebrate the cornonation on Queen Elizabeth II in June 1953, putting up decorations and flags as well as preparing food and drink for Eddie’s family.

When the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler came to visit, claiming to be ensuring everything’s in order for the upcoming cornonation, Rose comforted her when she broke down over what happened to her mother, while The Doctor stood up to Eddie when he didn’t want heror his son talking about what was going on, shortly before her mother was taken away. When she later found out Eddie was the one calling the police about those who were attacked by the Wire, she was appalled at how he could do that to their neighbours and friends, and how he spoke about her mother when he tried defending himself, throwing him out and telling Tommy to go with The Doctor so he could do some good. She was one of the many millions of people who almost lost their face at the hands of the Wire before The Doctor and Tommy defeated it. Rita later told Eddie that it was never his house, packing his things and ordering him out on her mother’s behalf. (The Idiot’s Lantern)


Though not identified as such in the story, Rita Connolly’s maiden name would appear to have also been Connolly as evidenced by its use as the surname of her mother.

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