Riley Vashtee


Riley Vashtee



Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

42 Prologue



Main Actor:

William Ash


Riley Vashtee was a member of the crew of the S.S. Pentallian under Commander Kath McDonnell.

The Pentallian was mining the sentient star Torajii. When Martha Jones arrived onboard with the Tenth Doctor in the TARDIS, he was attracted to her. While trapped in an escape pod and thinking they would both soon die in the fires of the star, Martha reciprocated Riley’s sentiments.

The Doctor having rescued them, though, Martha kissed him on the lips before she departed in the TARDIS with The Doctor, leaving Riley to his life on the S.S. Pentallian. (42)

Several months before the incident, Vashtee first met Erina Lessak in a coffee house her family owned on Torajii Alpha. Physically attracted to Vashtee, Lessak befriended him and joined the Pentallian as a trainee engineer. (42 Prologue)

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