Ricky September



Ricky September

Main Aliases:

Richard Coombes





Affiliated With:


Place of Origin:



Dot and Bubble

Main Actor:

Tom Rhys Harries


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Ricky September (originally Richard Coombes) was a 25-year-old singer who lived in Finetime. He was followed by all members on the online social network generated by the AI Dot, including Lindy Pepper-Bean, shown by his follower count instead uniquely reading “Everyone!”. His social network profile stated that his was a “star account” in the top 0.01% and was also tagged with “Hobbies: You” followed by a kissing emoji. He changed his name when he reached 50,000 followers on the network.

He secretly spent a lot of time without using his dot and bubble, instead choosing to make short music videos and leave them repeating for his followers to watch while he personally read history and wandered around Finetime during the day. By the time the mantraps began consuming people, Ricky was aware of the escape route in the conduit in Plaza 55. He headed there only to encounter Lindy on her own. Recognising her struggle to walk without the dot’s guidance, he helped her and befriended her.

The pair reached the conduit together, Ricky keeping it a secret that their homeworld had fallen prey to the mantraps too. Once down in the underground, he worked to break the access codes on the locked door but then had to fight off Lindy’s Dot when it turned on and tried to kill her. However, during the struggle, Lindy revealed Ricky had changed his last name, taking advantage of her knowledge that mantraps had been consuming people in alphabetical order by surname. Devastated, Ricky could only stand and give Lindy a look of utter shock before the Dot killed him. (Dot and Bubble)

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