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Richard Mace

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The Visitation

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Michael Robbins


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Richard Mace was a highwayman encountered by the Fifth Doctor on 17th century Earth.

As well as being a highwayman, Mace was a theatrical performer until the plague stopped the trade. This history meant he was not amazed by the things the Fifth Doctor showed him. He helped The Doctor, Adric, Nyssa and Tegan when they were being chased by peasants. He carried two flintlock pistols.

Mace led The Doctor and company to his hideout, a barn near a manor. He wore a Terileptil mind-control necklace, but he was unaware it was such a device. He entered the manor with The Doctor and company and was in favourof looting it. Instead, he took wine from the cellar and remarked it tasted like nectar. When the Terileptil android appeared disguised as the Grim Reaper, he ran but was prevented from leaving by The Doctor. He began to believe The Doctor’s words about otherworldly beings when he was shown a power pack. Richard, Nyssa and the Doctor escaped to the Terileptil ship and he was in awe of the dimensions and lighting.

Mace and the Doctor were captured by the townspeople, and moments before they were executed, the lead townsman under Terileptil control prevented it. They were locked away but broke free as the android attacked the peasants.

They went to meet the Terileptil who, offended by Mace’s words, hit him. Having escaped and travelled in the the TARDIS to Pudding Lane, The Doctor and Mace confronted the Terileptils in a bakery where, during a struggle, a burning torch was dropped by The Doctor, starting a fire in which the creatures perished. Mace decided to stay and help fight the fire instead of taking another trip in the TARDIS. The flames caused the Great Fire of London. (The Visitation)


A similar character with the same name had previously featured in three radio plays for BBC Radio 4: The Assassin, Pegasus and the Nemesis Machine, all also written by Eric Saward. In these, Mace is a Victorian actor-manager who becomes involved in various strange mysteries. He is much like this character in mannerisms.

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