Revenge of the Cybermen VHS

Revenge of the Cybermen VHSRevenge of the Cybermen VHSRevenge of the Cybermen VHS />Revenge of the Cybermen VHS
Revenge of the Cybermen VHS


From the longest running science fiction series in the world emerged a golden age of classic monsters – memorable grotesques such as the Daleks, Ice Warriors, Mandrels, Nimons… and Cybermen!

It all began in another time, in another world, the far-off planet of Gallifrey, home of the Time Lords. Among that super race was Dr. Who, who stole a TARDIS and, with his grand-daughter, fled his home planet. Since that time circumstances have forced The Doctor to regenerate into several different bodies. Now in his 4th regeneration, Dr. Who (Tom Baker) launches into one of the greatest trans-dimensional experiences the series has ever known – the Revenge of the Cybermen!

As the time ring takes the intrepid travellers back to Nerva, the Ark in Space, they find the TARDIS has drifted back a few thousand years in time. Only four people are left alive on the space ship, survivors of a mysterious and deadly plague, carried by the rat-like mechanical Cybermats. What else will the Cybermen destroy in their poisonous bid to take over the galaxy?

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Revenge of the Cybermen was the fifth episode of season 12

The Cybermen return for the first time since 1966

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