Return To Telos

Return To Telos
Return To Telos


Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), John Leeson (K9), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Michael Cochrane (Geralk), Bernard Holley (Peter Haydon), Veronica Roberts (Relly), Nicholas Briggs (the Cybermen)


The Doctor reveals to Leela that they’re heading for the planet Telos. And K9 has new masters…

On Telos, in the past, the Second Doctor and Jamie are exploring the ‘tomb of the Cybermen’.

Meanwhile, the Cyber-Controller and Cyber-Planner consolidate their plans. Spare parts from Krelos are being used to construct a mighty Cyber army. The Doctor must be captured.

Out of control, the TARDIS tumbles down a chasm and The Doctor and Leela find themselves caught up in full-scale planetary invasion.

Written By: Nicholas Briggs

Directed By: Nicholas Briggs


Script Editor John Dorney

Producer David Richardson

Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Written By: Nicholas Briggs
Director: Nicholas Briggs
Sound Design: Jamie Robertson
Music: Jamie Robertson
Cover Art: Anthony Lamb
Number of Discs: 1
Duration: 60′ approx
Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-78178-352-8
Production Code: BFPTOMCD029

Return to Telos was the eighth and final story in the fourth series of the Fourth Doctor Adventures, produced by Big Finish Productions
Cybermats are adaptable, able to have stealth capabilities or venom. One is lodged in K9’s brain.
The “TT capsule proximity alert” registers a past version of the TARDIS nearby.
The Doctor changes his mind about interfering in the fate of Krelos, since the Cybermen used K9 and the TARDIS to originally interfere in time and destroy Krelos.
The Doctor has a device to trace Cyber-Technology moving through the computer systems of the houses of Krelos, which are all interlinked.
Telos is in the neighbouring system to Krelos.
Geralk says the Cybermen were “the Scourge of the Galaxy” once.
Cyber particles are a kind of living metal.
the Cybermen carry cyber-conversion technology, able to convert with a touch.
The Cyber time squad, from a future where the Cybermen have mastered time travel, have the same appearance and voice as the Cybermen on Telos. They try to kill the Second Doctor to remove the Fourth from the timelines, but stop to insure their plan works in the future.
Because the cyber-particles are removed from Jamie before they can infect the TARDIS, K9 is never under Cyber-control and Krelos is never invaded.
The Doctor and Leela visit Telos at the time of his original visit with Jamie and Victoria Waterfield during his second incarnation in the 25th century. (The Tomb of the Cybermen)
Jamie refers to his previous encounter with the Cybermen on the Moon in 2070. (The Moonbase)
the Second Doctor refers to Eric Klieg while Peter Haydon refers to Professor Parry. (The Tomb of the Cybermen)
Leela recalls The Doctor telling her that Jamiewas a warrior. (The Fate of Krelos
The Doctor and Leelareturn to Krelos. (The Fate of Krelos
The Doctor refers to the TARDIS swimming pool. (The Invasion Of Time, Journey To The Centre of the TARDIS; White Ghosts)
The Doctor mentions the particulate vacuum cleaner. (The Fate of Kreloss
the Second Doctor says, “Oh, my giddy aunt!” (The Krotons, The Three Doctors, The Two Doctors)
Cyber particles, called cyber-pollen, would later be used to convert dead bodies. (Death in Heaven)

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