The Resurrection of Mars

The Resurrection of Mars
The Resurrection of Mars


Paul McGann (The Doctor), Niky Wardley (Tamsin Drew), David Warner (Professor Boston Schooner), Nicky Henson (Gregson Grenville), Susan Brown (Margaret), Tracy-Ann Oberman (Temperance Finch), Nick Wilton (Harold), Nicholas Briggs (The Ice Warriors), Jack Brown (Pilot)


Deimos, moon of Mars – where Lord Slaadek’s plans to revive the ancient Ice Warrior civilisation hang by a thread. Only The Doctor can stop him… but an old enemy, hiding in the catacombs, has an alternative plan. A plan that will test The Doctor’s heroism to its limits. Just how far will The Doctor go to prevent the destruction and resurrection of Mars – on a day when his friends become enemies, and his enemies have right on their side?





  • The Resurrection of Mars was the sixth release of the fourth series of the New Eighth Doctor Adventures.
  • There are scorch marks on the central console of the Monk’s TARDIS due to his attempt to install what he believed was the new directional unit into the TARDIS.
  • After materialising on Halcyon, The Monk’s TARDIS, which has an operational chameleon circuit, disguises itself as a Punch and Judy stall.
  • The Doctor tells Lucie that he used to be “the man with a master plan “who arranged the destruction of his enemies and the toppling of dictatorships in order to serve the greater good to the point where he began to countenance sacrificing the lives of the few to save the many. (Remembrance of the Daleks) He eventually began travelling on his own as he was no longer willing to risk the lives of his companions after an incident which he does not want to discuss. Following his regeneration into his eighth incarnation in San Francisco on 30 December 1999, The Doctor abandoned these tendencies and vowed that he would never travel alone again as he did not want to forget how precious life is. (The TV Movie)
  • During their travels together, Lucie and the Monk met the Sensorites. During his first incarnation, The Doctor, his granddaughter Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright encountered them in their native Sense Sphere in the 28th century. (The Sensorites)

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