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The Rescue and the Romans DVD


Number of DVDs: 2
DVD Number: BBCDVD2968
Certification: PG
Duration: 150 minutes


The Rescue

The Rescue cover

Arriving on the planet Dido in the late 25th Century, the time travellers come upon a crashed spaceship from Earth. Its two occupants – a paralysed man named Bennett and a young girl, Vicki – are living in fear of a creature called Koquillion, a native whose people have apparently killed the other members of the human expedition.

However, The Doctor quickly deduces that Koquillion is in fact Bennett in disguise, it was he who killed the others in order to conceal an earlier murder he had committed on the ship..

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The Romans

The Romans cover

The four time travellers are enjoying a rare holiday, staying at a villa not far from Rome in the year 64 AD. The Doctor soon becomes restless and sets off to visit the city, taking Vicki with him. In their absence, Ian and Barbara are kidnapped by slave traders.

Having been mistaken for the famous lyre player Maximus Pettulian and asked to perform at the Emperor Nero’s Court, The Doctor has to devise ever more elaborate schemes to avoid revealing that he cannot actually play the instrument.

Ian meanwhile becomes a galley slave, while Barbara is sold to Nero’s slave buyer Tavius at an auction in Rome. Ian and a fellow slave named Delos escape from the galley when it is wrecked in a storm and make their way to Rome to try to find and rescue Barbara.

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Special Features

The Rescue

  • Commentary by William Russell, director Christopher Barry and designer Raymond Cusick, moderated by Toby Hadoke.
  • ‘Mounting The Rescue’ (dur 21:45) – cast and crew look back on the making of the story in this feature from Steve Broster. With actors William Russell, Maureen O’Brien and Ray Barrett, director Christopher Barry, designer Raymond Cusick and 1960’s viewer Ian McLachlan.
  • Photo Gallery
  • Coming Soon Trailer
  • Programme Subtitles

The Romans

  • Commentary by William Russell, Nick Evans and Barry Jackson, designer Raymond Cusick (episode fouronly) and director Christopher Barry, moderated by Toby Hadoke.
  • ‘What Has ‘The Romans’ Ever Done For Us?‘ (dur 33:58) – actors, crew and historians look at both the reality and fantasy behind the story of ‘The Romans’ in this fascinating feature from Steve Broster. With actors William Russell, Kay Patrick, Barry Jackson, Anthony Andrews and Christopher Biggins, director Christopher Barry, designer Raymond Cusick, historian Dr. Mark Bradley, writer James Moran, Doctor Who Magazine or Tom Spilsbury and 1960’s viewer Ian McLachlan. Narrated by John Bowe.
  • ‘Roma Parva’ (dur 2:31) – (Latin: ‘Little Rome’) Director Christopher Barry demonstrates the use of a model of the studio set in the planning of camera positions and moves during recording in this short feature from John Kelly. Dennis Spooner
  • ‘Wanna Write a Television Series?’ (dur 17:45) – Robert Fairclough’s first feature for the range looks at writer Dennis Spooner’s work on Doctor Who. With actors William Russell and Peter Purves, script or Donald Tosh, writers Brian Clemens and Rob Shearman, and Spooner’s friend Jane Clemens. Narrated by Anna Hope.
  • Blue Peter (dur 7:14) – The Blue Peter team hold a Roman banquet in the studio.
  • ‘Girls! Girls! Girls!’ – The 1960’s (dur 17:39) – an affectionate look back at the sixties Who-Girls from producer Robert Fairclough. With actors Carole Ann Ford, William Russell, Peter Purves, Anneke Wills, Deborah Watling, Frazer Hines, Jean Marsh and Honor Blackman, script or Donald Tosh and director Christopher Barry. Narrated by Dona Croll.
  • Photo Gallery
  • Coming Soon Trailer
  • Programme Subtitles

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