Remembrance of the Daleks DVD

Remembrance of the Daleks DVD
Remembrance of the Daleks DVD


Number of DVDs: 1
DVD Number: BBCDVD1053
Certification: PG
Duration: 93 minutes
Release Date: 26 Feb. 2001


London 1963. The First Doctor is forced to leave Earth, after two teachers from his granddaughter’s school discover the TARDIS, disguised as a police box, sitting in a junkyard…

London 1963. The Seventh Doctor returns — with new companion Ace in tow and with unfinished business.

Not for the first time, unusual events are unfolding at Coal Hill School and at Totters Lane junkyard. The Doctor discovers that his oldest foes — The Daleks — are on the trail of hidden Time Lord technology. Technology that he himself left behind on Earth all those years ago. The Daleks are planning to perfect their own time-travel capability, in order to unleash themselves across all of time and space. Can The Doctor — with the help of the local military — stop The Daleks stealing the Gallifreyan secrets? Or are things much more complicated?

Two opposing Dalek factions meet in an explosive confrontation, with the fate of the entire Universe at stake…

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Special Features


Commentary by Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace). (2000)

Deleted Scenes

Thirteen deleted or extended scenes from the story are included on this disc, with introductory text giving background details. (12’26 | 4:3 | 1988)


A 4-minute compilation of bloopers, mistakes or just plain silliness from the making of this story. (4’12 | 4:3 | 1988)

Multi-Angle Scenes

A number of action scenes from the story were recorded from two different camera agnels. The multi-angle option allows the viewer to cut between the cameras during two of these scenes. (1’03″/0’47” | 4:3 | 1988)

Isolated Score

The option to watch the story with Keff McCulloch’s complete musical score on an isolated soundtrack.

BBC1 Trailers

Trailers for the 1988 BBC1 transmissions of the first two episodes. (4’58” | 4:3 | 1988)

Photo Gallery

A selection of photographs from the recording of this story, featuring many new images that have never been published before. (Menu Navigation)

Production Subtitles

Text commentary by Richard Molesworth providing cast details, script development and other information related to the production of this story.

Remembrance of the Daleks Special Edition has more features than the standard version

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Region one coverRegion four coverSpecial Edition


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