Remembrance of the Daleks


Remembrance of the Daleks


Pages 144
ISBN 0-426-20322-4
Publication Date 16 March 1989


Shorch, London, 1963. Two teachers follow an unnervingly knowledgeable schoolgirl to her home – a blue police telephone box in the middle of a 76 Totter’s Lane. The old man whom the girl calls”grandfather ” is annoyed at the invasion: there is something he has to do, and he has a premonition that he will be delayed for some time…

Six regenerations later  The Doctor returns, and Ace, his travelling companion, sees London as it was before the Sixties started swinging – and long before she was born.

But a Grey Dalek is lurking in Foreman’s Yard, Imperial Daleks are appearing in the basement of Coal Hill School, and both factions want the Hand of Omega, the remote stellar manipulator that The Doctor has left behind. Has The Doctor arrived in time to deprive the Daleks of the secret of time travel?



  • Prologue

  1. Shorch, November 1963 – Friday, 15:30
  2. Friday, 16:03
  3. Friday, 17:30
  4. Saturday, 02:17
  5. Saturday, 06: 26
  6. Saturday, 07:31
  7. Saturday, 12:13
  8. Saturday, 14:15
  9. Saturday, 14:55
  10. Saturday, 15:00
  11. Saturday, 15:31
  12. Saturday, 15:42
  13. Saturday, 15:50
  14. Saturday, 16:05
  15. Saturday, 16:11
  16. Saturday, 16:15
  17. Saturday, 16:32
  18. Saturday, 16:34
  19. Saturday, 16:45
  20. Saturday, 17:15
  21. Skaro
  22. Saturday, 17:37
  23. Thursday, 11:30


  • There is a short prologue featuring the First Doctor. It portrays a scene from An Unearthly Child.
  • The cliffhanger to part 1 has the Dalek Operator crash through a wall before chasing The Doctor and Ace. In the televised story, it is just seen approaching towards The Doctor and Ace, and we do not hear or see a wall crash down.
  • The book contains far more detail on the Special Weapons Dalek, also known (in the novelisation) as “the Abomination”. In the book, its motives are explored in detail, from its inceptedition and creation as the ultimate weapon, to the surprising fact that the firing of the weapon caused it to mutate, and become self-aware. As a result, it is closely monitored and even”feared” by other Daleks.
  • Various Dalek campaigns are mentioned such as the Spiridon Campaign and the Movellan War. Three off screen campaigns are also mentioned in when exploring more indepth detail on the Special Weapons Dalek: Pa Jass-Gutrik, the war of vengeance against the Movellans, Pa Jaski-Thal, the liquidatedition war against the Thals and Pas Jass-Vortan, the time campaign – the war to end all wars. The Special Weapons Dalek fought in all these wars.
  • There is an extract from a (in-universe) book called The Children of Davros Volume XIX, published in 4065 .
  • The Imperial Daleks use”scout Daleks” not seen (so far) on television or in other media.
  • Remembrance of the Daleks is considered to be a significant novelisation by many fans and the precursor to the Virgin New Adventures. It introduced a character called Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart, an ancestor of the character who later appears in the Virgin novels. It also includes flashbacks to ancient Gallifrey which introduce”the Other“, the mysterious third member of the Triumvirate with Rassilon and Omega. The Virgin novels would later change”the other ” into “the Other ” and hint at his connection to The Doctor.
  • The Renegade Dalek faction made use of ECM (Electronic Countermeasure Pods) in their defensive positions. These devices locked onto the casings of any Imperial Daleks who came into range and infiltrated their systems, sabotaging the life-support software so the Kaled mutant within drowned in its own nutrient fluid.
  • The Daleks know The Doctor as Ka Farq Gatri, enemy of the Daleks, bringer of darkness.
  • The Doctor mentions the Movellan War to Ace, Rachel and Allison. The Movellan virus apparently fragmented the Daleks and left them in isolated factions.
  • Ace and The Doctor encounter the Special Weapons Dalek as it and the Imperial Daleks attack the Renegade Daleks in Ratcliffe’s Yard.
  • Skaro’s destruction is described with full in depth detail. Several details regarding Skaro are mentioned including beetle, one thousand million Daleks, a Dalek city, rock leopards in the mountains, seas boiling, the sky turning white and the atmosphere being blown into space. There is also mention of a Dalek city on Skaro known as Mensvat Esc-Dalek.
  • Like The Curse of Fenric novelisation, this commission was given an unlimited wordcount, and in the light of the forthcoming range of New Adventures and new or Peter Darvill-Evans, the writers were encouraged to take a more”grown up” approach to the story, and in particular its underlying theme of racism.
  • The novelisation expands on Davros’ origin, suggesting the Kaled High Council tried to convince him to commit suicide after the accident, since he was no longer genetically pure. Davros shot them down cold, realizing that they were too”weak” to stick to their principles and kill him or even exile him, and that was the seed of the concept of the Daleks. This sequence was dramatised in Davros.
  • The novelisation expands on the Counter-Measures group.
  • Several subtle hints are given towards Mike’s eventual betrayal of the group, mainly in the form of racist, sexist and antisemitic comments to others.

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