Remembrance of the Daleks

Remembrance of the Daleks
Remembrance of the Daleks


An unabridged reading of Ben Aaronovitch’s novelisation of his classic 1988 TV adventure featuring the Seventh Doctor.

With unfinished business to attend to, The Doctor takes Ace to Coal Hill School in London, 1963.
The last time he was here, he left something behind – a powerful Time Lord artefact that could unlock the secrets of time travel.

Can The Doctor retrieve the Hand of Omega before two rival factions of Daleks track it down? And even if he can, how will he prevent the whole of London becoming a war zone as the Daleks meet in explosive confrontation?

The story is read by Terry Molloy, who played Davros in the original TV serial, with Dalek voices provided by Nicholas Briggs.

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  • Remembrance of the Daleks was the start of the 25 anniversary season of the show
  • The book contains far more detail on the Special Weapons Dalek, also known (in the novelisation) as “the Abomination”. In the book, its motives are explored in detail, from its inceptedition and creation as the ultimate weapon, to the surprising fact that the firing of the weapon caused it to mutate, and become self-aware. As a result, it is closely monitored and even ‘feared’ by other Daleks.
  • The Imperial Daleks use “scout Daleks” not seen (so far) on television or in other media.
  • Like The Curse of Fenric novelisation, this commission was given an unlimited wordcount, and in the light of the forthcoming range of New Adventures and new or Peter Darvill-Evans, the writers were encouraged to take a more”grown up” approach to the story, and in particular its underlying theme of racism.


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