Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Innocent


The Thousand Worlds
The Heart of the Battle

Main Voice Actor:

Lucy Briggs-Owen

Other Voice Actor:

Carolyn Seymour


Rejoice was a female Keskan who lived during the Last Great Time War.

She nursed the War Doctor to health when he arrived on Keska after detonating The Daleks’ Time Destructor. Foroverone hundred days of care, Rejoice grew fond of the Doctor. She planned to join The Doctoron his travels in order to show him that he was a good person inside, but was forced to stay behind on Keska when the Time Lords came for The Doctor. (The Innocent)

She returned to her father upset over The Doctor’s departure. After The Daleks invaded Keska, she stopped a Taalyen from killing The Doctor. She told him of the Dalek plans in the Thousand Worlds. (The Thousand Worlds)

In her youth, she became the leader of the Keskan Collective. In this role, she negotiated the surrenderof her people. She tried to convince Seratrix about the futility of his plans as The Daleks will betray him like they did her father. She wanted to sacrifice her life to stop Veklin killing Seratrix. She was killed by Traanus. (The Heart of the Battle)

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