The Reign of Terror/Web of Fear Box Set

The Reign of Terror/Web of Fear  Box Set
The Reign of Terror/Web of Fear Box Set


The Reign of Terror

The Reign of Terror Box Set

The TARDIS lands in a forest clearing. The travellers think it’s England 1963 but they are in fact 20 kiliometres from Paris during Robespierre’s Reign of Terror. A farmhouse is sacked by government troops; The Doctor is concussed and left for dead, the others are dragged to prison. The Doctor mascarades as a citizen, whil Ian gets involved in the counter-revolutionary plot of English master spy James Stirling.

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The Web of Fear

The Reign of Terror Box Set

After being caught up in a web-like substance on its journey through space, the TARDIS arrives in the tunnels of the London Underground railway system, only to find the web also in the tunnels – as is the Great Intelligence’s Yeti.

How has this happened? The team learn that the impending disaster was triggered nearly forty years before, after their previous encounter with the Intelligence. Professor Travers accidentally reactivated a Yeti, thus giving the Intelligence the ammunitedition it needed to plan another invasion attempt.

The aim is simple: the Intelligence wants to drain The Doctor’s mind. Army forces, led by Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart, help The Doctor and his team race against time to stop them in their mission. Can they make it?

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The Web of Fear was found in 2013

The Reign of Terror was the eighth episode of season 1 and The Web of Fear was the fifth episode of season 5

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