Oliver Morgenstern



Oliver Morgenstern



Place of Origin:




Affiliated With:

Royal Hope Hospital


Oliver Morgenstern’s girlfriend

First Appearance:

Smith and Jones


Turn Left

Main Actor:

Ben Righton

Main Voice Actor:

Kieran Hodgson


Doctor Oliver Morgenstern was a medical student at Royal Hope Hospital when it was transported to the Moon on 4 June 2008.

In an attempt to process what he had witnessed, Morgenstern wrote a novel, Accidental Moon, about the incident. His novel was widely criticised. As Morgenstern descended into an obsession with finding out the truth, he lost his girlfriend and friends, and his family grew concerned about his mental state.

Eventually, Morgenstern re-evaluated his experience and attempted to move on from that chapterof his life. He became a psychiatrist and extensively researched mass hysteria in order to write a book on the subject.

Oliver Morgenstern was a medical student on duty at the Royal Hope Hospital when it was transported to the Moon by the Judoon (Smith and Jones) on 4 June 2008. (The Secret Lives of Monsters) He was a friend of Martha Jones. (Hysteria)

He kept following the Judoon captain and reassuring the patients that they were safe. When the hospital was returned to Earth, he was interviewed on the radio about the experience. (Smith and Jones)

He wrote the novel Accidental Moon, based on his experience. In his account of events, Hazel Magee fainted when a Judoon captain removed his helmet. (The Secret Lives of Monsters) His book was self-published and resulted in him receiving abuse online as well impacting his friendships and relationships. He lost his girlfriend, friends, and his family thought he had lost his mind.

Over the following years, Morgenstern grew to re-evaluate his experience. He became a psychiatrist and re-examined the incident as a potential example of mass hallucination or mass hysteria. He remembered the panic, the fear and the trauma of the event, but no longer remembered being on the moon. As far as he was concerned, the past was the past. He was safe, well and his focus was now on the future.

In 2022, Oliver was interviewed in Edinburgh by Abby McPhail, who was looking into the Royal Hope incident as part of her podcast The Blue Box Files. Oliver was embarrassed (Hysteria) by Accidental Moon (The Secret Lives of Monsters) and claimed to have re-evaluated, believing himself a victim of mass hysteria. He had researched the subject of mass hysteria extensively and was working on a new book. He remembered Martha Jones, but hadn’t seen her since she became obsessed with The Doctor and “vanished off the face of the earth. (Hysteria)

Oliver was redacted shortly after meeting Abby. (Interrogation)


In an alternate universe which Donna Noble created by turning right to the wrong job interview, the Tenth Doctor died on 24 December 2007, and he was not able to save anyone in the Royal Hope.

Oliver was the only survivor as Martha Jones gave the last of heroxygen to save him. (Turn Left)

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