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Jordan Proctor




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Cleo Proctor

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Jacob Hawley


Jordan Proctor was the brotherof Cleo Proctor, who lived with him in his flat in London.

When Cleo was kicked out of her house by her mother in 2012 when beginning her transition, Jordan took her in. Later, she began to live with him after dropping out of university after three months. He also attempted to audition for Love Island.

By 2022, Jordan worked as a builderon Tottenham Court Road but found his job being unexpectedly interrupted when Tony, his foreman, went mysteriously missing. While he was describing this, he received a message from his mother asking them to visit her for Sunday lunch, but Cleo refused to see her again, even not believing that she had had a stroke, much to Jordan’s anger. (SOS)

Later, upon Cleo being asked by Rani Chandra to meet her in person in connection to disappearances surrounding The Doctor, Jordan decided to accompany her to the “creepy” Hotel Onyx, despite both being angry with her and claiming to not remember the hotel existing when passing the street as a builder. Inside, he witnessed a hologram of Rani explain The Doctor’s situation to Cleo but was interrupted by an attacking robot which tried to teleport to their location. (Hysteria)

Following their escape from the hotel, Jordan tried, unsuccessfully, to convince Cleo not to return to the hotel, only for both of them to discover that it had vanished. Jordan himself later vanished and went missing, leading Cleo’s estranged mother to locate her. (Lost)

Jordan was later able to get into contact with Cleo over the phone, seemingly distressed and in need of help. The signal distorted with static and eventually communication was lost. (Angels)


Jordan tried to reconnect Cleo and their mother, but Cleo was unwilling to meet with her again after she had kicked Cleo out for being trans. Cleo considered Jordan to be a “mummy’s boy”, (SOS) while he said she was “the ultimate daddy’s girl”. However, the two cared about each other very much, especially as Jordan was willing to let Cleo sleep in his flat and accompany her to the Hotel Onyx. (Hysteria)

He also considered himself something of a flirt, having picked up the numbers of six girls on one drunken night out, auditioning to appear on Love Island in an attempt to get a girlfriend, (SOS) and flirting with Rani Chandra in the middle of a crisis. (Hysteria)

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