Rebellion on Treasure Island

Rebellion on Treasure Island
Rebellion on Treasure Island


In a dark corner of the universe, on a distant and long forgotten planet, a young boy called Jim stumbles upon a warped, shifting treasure map, and a key.

With nothing to lose, he leaves his war-torn planet behind him in search of long-forgotten treasure.

Enter The Doctor and his best friends Amy and Rory. When they discover young Jim in perilous galactic seas, they decide to team up to help him find the treasure . . . and a way home.

Alien pirates, space shipwrecks and an ancient order of sea-faring cyberman abound in this incredible romp across the wonders of the universe.


The Doctor and Clara defeating the Great Intelligence at the Shard in London is mentioned several times. (The Bells of Saint John)
River Song thinks back on her past as an assassin engineered by the Silence to kill The Doctor, before she eventualy married him instead. The Doctor jokes that she technically married the Tesselacta piloted by him. (The Wedding of River Song)
The Doctor, Clara, Vastra, Jenny, and Strax all refer to defeating the Great Intelligence and Walter Simeon in 1892. (The Snowmen)
Clara is referred to as the Impossible Girl, as is her being scattered across time. (The Name of the Doctor).
Strax is in posession of a Memory Worm and it is used to erase potentially dangerous memories. (The Snowmen)
The Great Intelligence traps human minds within a data cloud through the usage of a Wi-Fi signal and network. (The Bells of Saint John)


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