Reagan Harper



Reagan Harper



Place of Origin:





Everybody Loves Reagan

Main Voice Actor:

Taj Atwa


Reagan Harper was a student at Coal Hill Academy. Tanya Adeola said she had been there since the beginning of term.

She often stated that she had come from Manchester, and it was assumed that she was referring to the city on Earth. However, it turned out that she was referring to the planet Manchester where her species, the Kresh originate from.

She wanted to go to April MacLean’s buddy scheme as part of her introduction to the school. Reagan thought something was off with April and so talked to her, causing April to lose 3 hours of her memory. She tried to keep getting April to talk to her about her problems and was copying the behaviour including the buddy scheme which April had created. She had somehow managed to make Ram Singh forget Rachel Chapman and make Tanya think she had known her since primary school.

Reagan found April crying in the girls’ bathroom and wanted to talk to her and make her better. She took emotions from people’s minds. At her version of buddy scheme, she took the emotions from all the students and Tanya. She would slip into people’s memories to make them feel better and fed on them, finding human stress delicious. She decided to go to Switzerland to take April’s place on a scheme. (Everybody Loves Reagan)

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