Remembrance of the Daleks



George Ratcliffe



Place of Origin:



The Scales of Injustice

First Seen In:

Remembrance of the Daleks

Main Actor:

George Sewell


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George Ratcliffe was a London builder’s merchant and head of a clandestine fascist group known as the Association. He later became a slave to the Renegade Dalek faction.

Ratcliffe had spoken out against British involvement in World War II believing Nazi Germany should be an ally rather than an enemy. He was imprisoned as a result. In the post-war period, Ratcliffe formed the Association, to which Sergeant Mike Smith secretly belonged. In 1963, as leader of the group, he allied himself with the Renegade Daleks during “the Shorch Incident”. He was enlisted by them to help retrieve the Hand of Omega.

After assisting in the killings of those the Daleks opposed, he attempted to abscond with the Renegade Daleks‘ Time Controller, but was killed by death-rays fired by a young girl who was slaved to their battle computer, before he could escape with the device. (Remembrance of the Daleks)

His body was recovered by C19 and stored in the Vault. (The Scales of Injustice)


Ratcliffe’s first name, George, was never given on-screen, only in the novels. The character would appear to have been named after George Sewell, who played the part on television.

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