Raston Warrior Robot

The Five Doctors


Raston Warrior Robot

Biological Type:

Warrior android


The Five Doctors“, “The Eight Doctors” and”World Game


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The origins of the Raston Warrior Robot are a mystery to even the Time Lords. All that is known is that it was created by a race that were old when the Time Lords were young, but who were so skilled at creating weapons that they destroyed themselves. Unfortunately, some of their weapons, including the Raston Warrior Robot, survived, and were taken into the Death Zone by the TIme Lords.

The Doctor’s earliest encounter with a Raston Warrior Robot took place in his second incarnation (“World Game“), when a Time Lord allied with The Players used a Timescoop to send the Robot after the Second Doctor and his companion Serena. They were nearly killed, but the intervention of French troops brought them time to briefly immobilise it with a torpedo from a submarine the Players were trying to develop for Napoleon, The Doctor then convincing one Player, the mysterious Countess, to send the Robot back before it could regenerate and kill everyone.

It was in the Death Zone that The Doctor next encountered the Raston Warrior Robot – specifically, the Third Doctor, trying to enter the Dark Tower to rendezvous with his first, second and fifthselves in”The Five Doctors”. He and Sarah Jane Smith were unable to get into the tower as the Robot was in the way, forced to stand utterly still as the motion-sensitive robot sought them out.  at the last moment, the two of them were saved when a Cybermen patrol arrived in the pass. The Robot immediately set upon them, and the lumbering Cybermen were no match for the sleek, incredibly fast killing machine. The Doctor and Sarah fled and managed to steal some of the Robot’s spare armaments while it was occupied.

The Doctor’s last encounter with a Raston Warrior Robot took place in”The Eight Doctors“‘, when The Doctor visited his past seven selves to regain his lost memories, taken from him by a trap set by The Master. Wanting to kill The Doctor, a rogue Time Lord called Ryoth was given access to the Timescoop by the Celestial Intervention Agency, then using it to locate the Fifth Doctor on the Eye of Orion and send the Raston Warrior Robot after him. The Doctorarrived just in time, and the Raston robot, confused by the presence of two identical brain patterns in separate locations but equally far away from it, was unable to decide which to attack first and seized up. Ryoth, furious, transported a Sontaran patrol to deal with The Doctors, but The Doctor managed to convince Commander Vrag that the Raston Robot was a vital part of the TARDIS operating system. Vrag thus reactivated it, and the robot slaughtered its way through the Sontarans until Vrag was able to stop it momentarily by tearing its head off. The Doctors then rigged up a device to generate temporal feedback, and when the infuriated Ryoth attempted to send a Drashig after them, it materialised instead in the Timescoop chamber, where it ate both Ryoth and the Timescoop machinery before being caught and destroyed by Chancellory guards.

To date, a Raston Warrior Robot has yet to reappear, although in”The King of Terror” there was reference to a crisis called ‘The Death of Yesterday’ where a Captain with a slight speech impediment gave an order to ‘Westwain the Waston Warrior Wobot!’

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