The Rani Reaps The Whirlwind

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The Rani Reaps The Whirlwind

Number of Discs 1
Publisher BBV Productions
Release Date November 2000


The Rani is a prisoner. Of the Tetraps. Those hideous rodent-like vampires over which she once ruled. No longer. The devious Urak, her erstwhile disciple, has turned the tables. The Rani is put on trial. And condemned to death. A sentence to be commuted if she exercises her unique scientific prowess to solve a problem threatening to depopulate Tetrapyriabus. Famine. Shortage of food.

What food?


Whose blood?

The answer is in the cells where a pair of kidnapped humans and a pair of aliens are incarcerated. Destined to become the subjects of a brutal experiment. The Rani forges an unholy alliance with the four”guinea-pigs” in a perilous attempt to escape the nightmare of the planet…



The Rani is taken to the courtroom of Tetrapyriarbus, where Urak testifies that she attempted to kill him to save herself, which she does not deny. She, however, concludes that the Tetraps do not want to kill her because they need her. Urak admits she is the only one with the talents to help them get what they want: blood.

The Rani was taken captive by the Tetraps, who hijacked her TARDIS to take to Tetrapyriarbus. (Time and the Rani)

Cast: Kate O’ Mara (The Rani), Anthony Keetch (Urak / Dean), Edward Cory (Sam / Vorag), Patricia Merrick (Lucy / Pivor), Brian Knight (Arbitus).

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