Ramesh Sunder

Spyfall Part 1


Ramesh Sunder

First Seen In:

The Woman Who Fell To Earth

Latest Appearance:

Spyfall Part 1

Main Actor:

Asif Khan


Ramesh Sunder was a police officer who operated in Sheffield. He was senior to Yasmin Khan, a probationary officer. Understanding Yaz’s frustration with her job, Ramesh offered her to look into Ryan Sinclair’s case regarding a mysterious pod. He later dismissed Yaz’s inquiries into strange goings-on in town, putting it down to her insistence to not liking her job. (The Woman Who Fell to Earth)

After Yasmin began travelling with the Thirteenth Doctor, Ramesh found that she was being pulled away frequently on orders from above. He reasoned that she was doing undercover work, but still insisted that she needed to be around more if she wanted to move on past probation. He watched as two MI6 operatives came to pick her up. (Spyfall)

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