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40 Years with the Radiophonic Workshop, in the studio and on the road

In a career which stretches from Dante to Doctor Who, Peter Howell has been a folk singer, author, lecturer, electronic pioneer and all points in between.

As a member of the legendary BBC Radiophonic Workshop, he recreated the iconic Doctor Who theme tune for the 1980s, and worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, composing for a wide range of programmes and projects. More recently, he has toured as a member of the Radiophonic Workshop live band, reaching a whole new generation of fans.

Over the years, people have suggested that one of the Radiophonic Workshop composers should write a book. I was always reluctant because there were already books out there that described the history of the workshop, and I couldn’t see the need for yet another. It was only when the Radiophonic Workshop formed a touring band, and when time after time the most bizarre things happened at our various concert venues, that I started to visualise how a book might work. It would be a way of recounting all those recent experiences alongside stories of my career in music for TV between 1974 and 1998. For those of us still promoting the Radiophonic brand, the ethos of the Workshop is still going strong, twenty two years after the BBC department closed.


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