Rachel Burrows



Rachel Burrows



Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Unknown


Five Twenty-Nine
The Eye of the Storm
Slight Glimpses of Tomorrow
A Brave New World

Main Voice Actor:

Salome Haertel


Rachel Burrows was a synthetic who was raised by her adopted parents Emmett and Lisa Burrows. While not one of the most advanced models of her time, Rachel seemed remarkably like a real child to River.

Rachel’s parents bought and adopted her after they had been unsuccessful to have a child in their youth and had become too old to adopt a human child. In order to do so, they spent much of their own wealth and had to move to a small, but more affordable, house on an island off the mainland.

On one night, River Song turned up at the doorof Rachel and her parents’ house, claiming to have washed up on the island following a shipwreck. She Spent the night and the next day getting to know the Burrows and eventually divulged to Rachel how she had come from the future where she had met Rachel as one of the sole survivors of a dying Earth, and had wanted to find out how this had happened.

The next day, a radio broadcast alerted the household that at exactly 5: 29, the world was being wiped out, time zone by time zone. River eventually resolved to try to save the family, bringing them out to sea along with Steven Godbold in Steven’s boat. Sailing west, they an already dead time zone before 5: 29 reached their place, but Steven was killed when he fell into the water, revealing that everything in the area was deadly to the touch.

Eventually, unable to save anyone else, River hooked Rachel up to the generator aboard the boat to help boost her through the deadly five twenty-nine as it came across its second cycle. River then used her vortex manipulator to escape While Rachel was deactivated and her parents killed. (Five Twenty-Nine)

Some time later, Rachel was reactivated when she was found by River Song, albeit earlier in River’s own life. (The Unknown) River then left Rachel with the crew of the Saturnius before using her vortex manipulator to travel back to meet Rachel before this all happened. (Five Twenty-Nine)

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