Queen Spider

Planet of the Spiders



The Queen Spider

Biological Type:


Place of Origin:

Metebelis III

Notable Individuals:

The Great One

First Seen In:

Planet of the Spiders


Return of the Spiders

Main Voice Actor:

Kismet Delgado


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The Queen Spider was the leader of the Eight Legs on Metebelis III. She and her spiders served the Great One.

Taking over Sarah Jane Smith’s body, the Queen went to Earth in the Third Doctor’s TARDIS in an attempt to recover the Metebelis crystal The Doctor stole for Jo Grant. However, before the Queen could reach it, Sarah was freed by K’anpo Rimpoche, forcing the Queen to teleport back to Metebelis.

After the Great One was killed, (Planet of the Spiders) the Queen Spider and her spiders fled to Earth. There she hoped to lay her eggs in preparation for taking over the universe. She made the Fordyce home her base. Mr and Mrs Fordyce obtained neighbours and pizza for the spiders to eat to regain their energy.

Her plans were defeated by the Fourth Doctor, Romana II and K9, who burned the house down and then inundated it with water from firemen’s hoses. The Queen Spider was killed and her eggs were destroyed. (Return of the Spiders)

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