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Pryamids of Mars
Pryamids of Mars


Tom Baker reads this thrilling novelisation of a classic Doctor Who adventure

The mind of Sutekh the Destroyer is consumed with jealousy and hatred. Convinced that all living things are his mortal enemy, he is determined to annihilate all forms of life throughout the universe.

Imprisoned at the heart of an Egyptian pyramid, the force of his maniacal evil has been paralysed for centuries. But now, after thousands upon thousands of years of long captivity, the moment of deliverance has arrived.

Sutekh’s vicious megalomania is about to be unleashed upon the world – unless The Doctor succeeds in outwitting a mind so powerful it can force him to his knees and torture him at a glance…

Tom Baker, who played the Fourth Doctor in the BBC series, reads Terrance Dicks’ complete and unabridged novelisation, first published by Target Books in 1976.

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  • Pyramids of Mars was the third story of Season 13 of Doctor Who.
  • The story was originally written by Lewis Greifer, but was considered unworkable. As Greifer was unavailable to do rewrites, the scripts were completely rewritten by Robert Holmes. The pseudonym used on transmission was Stephen Harris.
  • Elisabeth Sladen is credits as ‘Sarah‘ in Radio Times for Parts One, Three and Four.
  • Although the name of Sutekh’s race is pronounced”Osiran “throughout the serial, the scripts and publicity material spell it as “Osirian “in some places and as “Osiran “in others. Many fans use the “Osiran “spelling, as do some reference works such as The Discontinuity Guide.
  • Pyramids of Mars has the unfortunate distinction of contributing to one of the biggest and most widely discussed contradictions in The Doctor Who universe: the “UNIT dating controversy”. For full details, please see that page.
  • The new TARDIS console which debuted in the preceding story, Planet of Evil, does not appear again until The Invisible Enemy.

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