Ptolemy Lagus



Ptolemy Lagus

Place of Origin:


Main Alias:

Ptolemy Soter

First Seen In:

The Book of Shadows


Farewell, Great Macedon


Ptolemy Lagus, also known as Ptolemy Soter, was a general under Alexander the Great and became king of Egypt after Alexander’s death.

He built a lighthouse at Alexandria. (Voyager) The Eleventh Doctor said Ptolemy couldn’t see anything on the psychic paper, meaning he was a genius. The Doctor then said it was a sheet of papyrus so it didn’t count. (Ripper’s Curse)

In an alternate timeline, while still a general, Ptolemy met an amnesiac Barbara Wright. An alien named Rhakotis had just crashed in the area, and only Barbara could understand him.

Ptolemy and Barbara became close and they married and had a son named Ptolemy Philadelphus. When Ptolemy was king, he learned of a woman who looked just like his queen. It was a younger version of Barbara, whom he brought to meet his wife.

Ptolemy’s position as king was in jeopardy, as Perdiccas was felt by many to be the rightful heir to Alexander. Ptolemy’s friend Arrhidaeus tried to assassinate him, but Ptolemy killed him instead.

During the uprising, Ptolemy had Rhakotis use his spaceship to scare the soldiers into laying down their arms. When soldiers arrived, Ptolemy fought with a soldier, and they killed each other. (The Book of Shadows)

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