Psyche Dalek



Psyche Dalek

Biological Type:


Notable Individuals:

Psyche Dalek Three


Emperor of the Daleks!


The Psyche Dalek was a specialised type of Dalek model.


The Psyche Dalek casing was distinguished by its enlarged transparent spherical dome which housed a massive organic brain. It was similar in shape to the Dalek Emperor’s mobile casing but without the foreshortened lower section or additional luminosity discharger on the top of the dome. (Emperor of the Daleks!)


The only known individual of this type, Psyche Dalek Three, accompanied the Black Dalek sent to apprehend Davros on the planet Spiridon. He was tasked to control the Robomen, who had formerly been the Seventh Doctor’s friends. Using a small control held in his claw and wired into his arm, he could detect mental activity and direct their actions. When he attempted to direct the robotised Abslom Daak to attack the renegade forces of the Ven-Katri Davrett, The Doctor blocked the signal by surrounding the control with the microthin metal of his map. The invisible Spiridons then lifted him and smashed the casing for his brain against another Dalek. (Emperor of the Daleks!)


The bars surrounding the head make the Psyche Dalek look like the Dalek Emperor as he was depicted by Richard Jennings. This contrasts with Lee Sullivan’s version of the Emperor, which was consciously made to evoke elements of Davros‘ later imperial casing.
Marina Graham’s colouring was only on part four of the comic, in which the Psyche Dalek was introduced. In part five, this Dalek seems to be the same colour in the grey-scale as the drones. The Dalek referred to in-story as the Black Dalek was, in fact, purple in part four.

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