Proxima 2


Proxima 2, orbiting Proxima Centauri, was the first planet outside of the solar system to be colonised by humans.


Proxima 2 contained at least one ocean and a continental mass with a prominent mountain range. Proxima City was located on this continent.

There were no birds or indigenous aquatic life on Proxima 2. (The Face-Eater)


Proxima 2 was inhabited by the Proximans, who created the Face-Eater.

Humans travelling in their colony ship, the New Horizon, first settled on Proxima 2 in 2128. It took them 8 years to get the planet up and running as a proper colony.

The colonists imported genetically modified Aspen trees to the planet. There were fossilised megatherms possibly eight thousand years old on the planet. (The Face-Eater)

Miranda Pelham visited the planet, where she saw a religious march for Valdemar. This was the inspiration for her novels. (Tomb of Valdemar)

Banard once took Sabbath from Proxima 2 to Demigest in his stealth ship. (The Infinity Race)

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