Professor Elliot Payne



Professor Elliot Payne





First Seen In:

Swan Song



Main Voice Actor:

Philip Bretherton


Professor Elliot Payne was a scientist from the 3890s. He and his wife Shania studied creatures known as Time Eaters, observing them as they extracted sustenance from the event horizon of a black star, but a gravity spike caused Shania to be pulled in, alive but frozen in a moment of time on the horizon’s edge. He conducted experiments with time to bring her back, making an arrangement with the Time Eaters by which they would provide him with the knowledge to save her, in return for the energy which would free them and allow them to consume all time across the universe. (Chronoclasm)

Some side effects included Leela not being able to return to Gallifrey, a Temparon vessel and the Sixth Doctor’s TARDIS being dragged to 1890s Earth, (The Hourglass Killers) and time breaks allowing objects and beings from other times to be brought to the 1890s, including radios, aeroplanes and Henry Gordon Jago himself. He tested his method by extracting Johnny Skipton from the sinking of a ship in 1958 with the aid of a team of scientists in 2011, before employing Nikola Tesla to help with his work, amused that a brilliant scientific mind was reduced to that relative to a child’s when confronted with advanced technology. He wanted to use the energy from time gradients to save his wife, which would mean the destruction of the Earth, but planned to betray the Time Eaters, cheating them by not giving them half the energy he agreed to. Discovering that they had consumed his wife, he sacrificed himself in order to ensure they were destroyed when he linked his laboratory in the Victorian era to the same location in 1940 at the moment of its destruction. (Chronoclasm)

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