Prime Time

Prime Time
Prime Time

Coming up after the break, the start of a new series of programmes featuring the mysterious traveller in Time and Space known only as – The Doctor.

Detecting a mysterious sub-space signal in the Time Vortex, The Doctor and Ace land on the planet Blinni-Gaar. They soon discover that the native population are little more than zombies, addicted to the programmes of the dangerously powerful Channel 400. As The Doctor investigates, he finds that the television company has a sinister agenda that has nothing to do with entertainment.

Why is the Director-General of Channel 400 so interested in The Doctor? Who are the mysterious aliens who watch from the shadows of the Brago nebula? And why is a pack of Zzinbriizi jackals stalking the streets of Blinni-Gaar?

As The Doctor is drawn deeper and deeper into a web of intrigue and deceit he discovers that he has an unexpected ally – of the most dangerous kind.


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  • Prime Time was the thirty-third BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel. It featured the Seventh Doctor and Ace. This novel presents another take on what happened to The Master following the events in the television story Survival.
  • The Doctor’sTARDIS has an on board gym.
  • The Master is still infected with the Cheetah Virus. (Survival)
  • Ace’ssecond name is Gale.

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