Place of Origin:

Lower Mesopotamia


The Boundless Sea

Main Voice Actor:

Gbemisola Ikumelo


Prim was a queen of the Surene tribe in Lower Mesopotamia in the 11th century B.C.

She loved her husband. As per Surene tradition, she was buried alive alongside her husband when he died. She was kept alive for 3000 years by the saline drones, which turned her into a salt-thirsty monster, as part of a test for River Song. The saline drones made her almost impossible to kill, by fire or by bullet.

She was found by River Song accompanied by Bertie Potts in her husband’s tomb in 1924. She managed to escape the tomb by consuming all salt from Bertie and was planning to revenge all husbands by contaminating the whole world. Despite feeling pity for her because of parallels between their lives, River managed to destroy her before the contamination could spread beyond the valley by blowing a dam and flooding the valley with salt water. (The Boundless Sea)

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