Point of Entry

Point of Entry
Point of Entry

Regular Cast

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Matt Addis (Kit Marlowe), Luis Soto (Velez), Sean Connolly (Iguano/Captain Garland), Tam Williams (Tom), Gemma Wardle (Alys), Ian Brooker (Sir Francis Walsingham)


The 16th Century. Playwright Kit Marlowe is attempting to write Doctor Faustus when a darkness descends on his life, in the cadaverous form of a Spaniard called Velez. The monstrosity is in search of a stone blade that was brought from South America…

After a near-disastrous collision with an asteroid in space, the TARDIS makes an emergency landing in Elizabethan England.

These two events are connected. The Omnim are ready. And the point of entry approaches…

Written by: Barbara Clegg and Marc Platt
Directed by: John Ainsworth



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  • Point of Entry is the sixth Lost Story of Season 23 to be developed into an audio play
  • The Doctor and Peri refer to their recent trip to 19th century England. (The Mark of the Rani)
  • The Doctor tells Marlowe that he has met demons in his time. Though he does not go into detail, he is presumably referring to his encounters with Azal in The Dæmons and the Mara in Kinda, Snakedance and The Cradle of the Snake. He would subsequently encounter two other self-described demons, namely the Destroyer in Battlefield and the Beast in The Satan Pit.
  • While exploring London in 1590, The Doctor points out St Paul’s Cathedral to Peri, who correctly states that it is the Old St. Paul’s, which would be burnt down in the Great Fire of London on 2 September 1666. The Doctor remarks, “Well, let’s not go into that” and changes the subject. His fifth incarnation played a major role in starting that fire. (The Visitation). Ironically, the Fourth Doctor, who had arrived shortly before his future self’s departure, was wrongly accused of starting the fire only hours later. (Pyramids of Mars)
  • Both the First and the Third Doctors referred to being imprisoned in the Towerof London (The Sensorites, The Mind of Evil)

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