Planet of Evil

Planet of Evil VHSPlanet of Evil VHS


“Here on Zeta Minor is the boundary between existence as you know it and the other universe which you just don’t understand!”

A distress call from the last planet in the known universe forces the TARDIS to commence emergency materialisation on Zeta Minor. Simultaneous with The Doctor’s arrival, is the landing of a spacecraft from the planet Morestra on a rescue mission to recover a missing group of scientists. An expeditionary force from the spacecraft soon uncovers their sinister remains, but who or what has caused their gruesome deaths?

Only one scientist, Professor Corenson, has survived and he is hell-bent on tapping the powerful resources within Zeta Minor to save his own planet which is slowly dying. But he and his compatriots cannot possibly realise the full extent of the dark forces at work. And so it is left to The Doctor to convince them that Zeta Minor is indeed, the Planet of Evil…

Originally transmitted 27th September – 18th October 1975, this four part adventure starring Tom Baker is a welcome addition to BBC Video.

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