The Planet of Evil

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Doctor Who and the Planet of EvilDoctor Who and the Planet of Evil


Pages 126
ISBN 0-426-11682-8
Publication Date 18 August 1977


1977 Target Books edition

The expedition to Zeta Minor began with eight men. Seven were murdered. One survived – but he was not the murderer.

DOCTOR WHO lands on the planet at the same time as the expedition’s rescue team, and is immediately taken prisoner – the suspected murderer. But even stranger things soon begin to happen…

What terrible creature inhabits this wild, desolate planet, killing mercilessly, lurking in the murky depths of the Black Pool? Will anyone ever be allowed to leave – alive?

1982 Target Books edition

A survey team of eight men from the mighty Morestran Empire lands on Zeta Minor, a remote planet on the fringes of the universe. Before their expedition is over, seven of the men are mysteriously and horrifically murdered.

A distress signal brings The Doctor to the planet – but his good intentions are not appreciated. The commanderof a Morestran rescue party, sent to investigate the disappearance of the survey team, is convinced The Doctor is the killer.

And while The Doctor is kept prisoner and powerless to act, the merciless hell-planet claims even more victims…



  1. Killer Planet
  2. The Probe
  3. Meeting with a Monster
  4. Tracked by the Oculoid
  5. The Lairof the Monster
  6. The Battle for the Spaceship
  7. The Creature in the Corridor
  8. Marooned in Space
  9. Sentenced to Death
  10. The Monster Runs Amok
  11. An Army of Monsters


  • The Morestrans wrap the TARDIS in plastic to teleport it.
  • Salamar and Morelli discuss the extinction of all life on Earth.

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