Planet of the Spiders

Planet of the Spiders
Planet of the Spiders DVD


Number of DVDs: 2
DVD Number: BBCDVD1809
Certification: PG
Duration: 150 minutes


At a Tibetan retreat in the English countryside, a group of men are using ancient meditation rituals to tap into a mysterious alien power. They unwittingly create a bridgehead between Earth and Metebelis 3, a planet where the ‘Two Legs’ are oppressed by giant spiders. The creatures are desperate to recover the blue jewel that The Doctor gave to Jo Grant as a wedding gift.

Now The Doctor must risk everything and return to Metebelis 3 to face the awesome power of the Great One, who plans to use the crystal to enslave all of human kind..

Episode entry

Special Features
Disc 1

  • 6 x 25 mins approx colour episodes with mono audio.
  • Commentary – actors Elisabeth Sladen, Nicholas Courtney and Richard Franklin, producer / director Barry Letts and script or Terrance Dicks
  • Coming Soon – a trailer for a forthcoming DVD release
  • Programme subtitles
  • Subtitle Production Notes

Disc 2

  • The Final Curtain’” five years after its re- invention in colour and its rise to massive popularity, it was time for Doctor Who’s charismatic lead actor Jon Pertwee to move onâ and with him the production team that had guided the show throughout that period. This documentary looks at the background to the Third Doctor’s swansong. With actors Jon Pertwee and Richard Franklin, producer / director Barry Letts, script or Terrance Dicks, designer Rochelle Selwyn, visual effects assistant Mat Irvine and actor and author Mark Gatiss. Narrated by Glen Allen
  • ‘John Kane Remembers’â” actor John Kane memorably played the gentle, slow-witted Tommy, reborn through the power of the Metebelis crystal. An accomplished writer and series creator, Kane now lives in France, from where he looks back on his memories of the story
  • ‘Directing Who with Barry Letts’” Barry Letts is perhaps most famous as producer of Doctor Who, but he was also responsible for directing some of the show’s best-loved stories. Barry looks back on his career as a director in this documentary
  • Now & Then the latest instalment in our ongoing series takes a trip back to some of the locations used during production of the story
  • ‘Planet of the Spiders Omnibus Edition’ the full-length omnibus of the story, presented here totally unrestored
  • Omnibus Trailer
  • Photo Gallery – production, design and publicity photos from the story
  • Radio Times Listings in Adobe PDF format

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