The Pirates

The Pirates
The Pirates

Regular Cast

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Maggie Stables (Evelyn), Bill Oddie (Red Jasper), Dan Barratt (Jem), Helen Goldwyn (Sally), Nicholas Pegg (Swan), Mark Siney (Mr. Merriweather), Timothy Sutton (Mate/Sailor/Pirate)


All aboard, me hearties, for a rip-roaring tale of adventure on the high seas! There’ll be rum for all and sea shanties galore as we travel back in time to join the valiant crew of the good ship Sea Eagle, braving perils, pirates and a peripatetic old sea-dog known only as The Doctor!

Gasp as our Gallifreyan buccaneer crosses swords with the fearsome Red Jasper, scourge of the seven seas and possessorof at least one wooden leg! Thrill as Evil Evelyn the Pirate Queen sets sail in search of buried treasure, with only a foppish ship’s captain and an innocent young cabin boy by her side! Marvel at the melodious mayhem which ensues as we sail the ocean blue!

And wonder why Evelyn still hasn’t realised that very few stories have happy endings



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  • The Pirates, or The Lass that Lost a Sailor, was the forty-third monthly Doctor Who audio story
  • The Doctor does not like to talk about the Great Fire of London in September 1666. (The Visitation)
  • The Sixth Doctor’s singing abilities – and particularly his proclivity towards theatrical singing – was established on screen at the end of Terror of the Vervoids, where Mel complains about his awful rendition of “On with the Motley”.

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