The Pertwee Years

The Pertwee Years 
The Pertwee Years

Following his first appearance as the Doctor’s third incarnation on 3rd January 1970, Gallifrey’s most famous native was ably played by Jon Pertwee as a suave dandy with a love of gadgetry and apassion for old cars. On this special video, Jon Pertwee recalls the Pertwee years including:

It was released on home video by BBC Video in 1992 and contained the following full episodes:

as well as clips from Spearhead from Space,Blue Peter, The Doctor Who celebration at Longleat in 1983, The Five Doctors and title sequence tests.


  • The arrangement of the DoctorWho theme used for this and succeeding”Years” releases was originally arranged by Keff McCulloch for the 1989 album Doctor Who: Variations on a theme.
  • The video was classified”PG” in Australia. It was released in 1992 in America (CBS/FOX Video) and on 20/10/1992 in Australia (Polygram).
  • The Pertwee Years was introduced by Jon Pertwee

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