Penny Pepper-Bean



Penny Pepper-Bean




Dot and Bubble

Main Actor:

Susan Twist


Penny Pepper-Bean was the mother of Lindy Pepper-Bean. She was wealthy enough to pay for her daughter to live in Finetime, while she lived on the Homeworld. She was 62 years old around the time the Dots turned on the people of the Homeworld and Finetime, and had 3.108 subscribers, with the hashtag #LoveMyLindy in her profile. In a recorded message she sent to her daughter while Lindy was in Finetime, Penny promised to buy the moon for her and sent her love. Penny was likely killed when the man-traps ravaged the Homeworld, though whether she was devoured or killed by the Dots is unknown.

Penny had the same face and voice as the operating program of the Villengard Automated Ambulance Units, and a hiker encountered by Ruby Sunday in an alternate timeline. When Lindy, speaking to Ruby and the Fifteenth Doctor over her Dot, played a video message left by Penny, both of them recognised her: Ruby could only remark that she had seen her before, while The Doctor noted her connection to the ambulances on Kastarion 3. (Dot and Bubble)

The 21st century Earth tech billionaire Susan Triad relived the experiences of Penny in a dream. When The Doctor confronted Triad and learned about her dreams, he brought up Lindy’s name to her, which she found familiar before hurrying away to avoid a conversation. (The Legend of Ruby Sunday)


The Doctor and Ruby recognising Penny is the first unambiguous acknowledgement of Susan Twist’s multiple roles in Season 1, after Ruby finding her character familiar in 73 Yards.

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