The Maltese Penguin

The Maltese Penguin

The Maltese Penguin


Regular Cast

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Robert Jezek (Frobisher), Toby Longworth (Josiah W. Dogbolter), Jane Goddard (Alicia Mulholland), Alistair Lock (Chandler)


“My friends call me Frobisher. My enemies call me Mr. Frobisher. And the junk mail department of the Galactic Readers’ Digest call me Mrs. F R Rubbisher – but that’s neither here nor there.”

It was just another quiet day on the mean streets for Frobisher, private eye. But then a dame walks into his office and into his life. A dame who is drop dead gorgeous and drop dead deadly, offering him a case he just can’t refuse.

Well, he could refuse it. If he really wanted to. But he has to pay the rent.

When their paths cross, Frobisher finds himself involved in a web of mayhem and intrigue. A web of gangland killings, corrupt cops, sentient bloodstains and very rude hotel receptionists. A web of murder and deceit, treachery and fisticuffs.

That sort of web. You know. The sticky kind.


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  • The Maltese Penguin was Big Finish Productions’ first free story to main range subscribers
  • This story marks the second appearance of Frobisher in an audio play. He previously appeared in this format in The Holy Terror.

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